Denise has provided me with phone readings since 2009. She always channels my deceased father and what he communicates through her has been very spiritually uplifting for me every time I’ve had a phone reading. My dad will talk through Denise about something I did the day before, and she channels that message so precisely that I feel she was living the moment with me. Even though my dad has been deceased for 17 years, I feel like he’s still around all the time. Denise has been very helpful in guiding me in my executive career as well. I trust that whatever she is being guided to share is for my greater good. Denise is very warm and peaceful and you can sense all of that when she’s reading for you. She has an amazing gift that is truly a blessing to the world.

– Laurie
Chesterfield Township, Michigan

“Denise assisted me through a tough time of transition in my life. I was deciding whether to move out of state and look for a new job, and it was Denise’s positive energy and reassuring readings that guided me in the right direction. The life change that I made has been perfect for both me and my family, and I am not sure I would have made the huge leap without Denise’s guidance.”


Denise Leonard is an excellent reader! She has brought things up about me and my family I thought No one knew. She has been on point with helping me through good times and bad! Denise is a loving and kind person with a big heart and she is there to help with anything!

-Theresa Farrell
Irmo, SC

My name is Kenneth Anderson, I had a reading with Denise Leonard it was an awesome experience.  Denise knew things about me and my father that passed away 15 years ago please was able to communicate with my father and tell me things about him that there was no way she could have known. Denise knew about his favorite hat he wore she also knew about the way he left in his joking personality. Denise explained to me that my dad was happy and he was still smiling.  The closure that Denise gave me with my father be measured with any amount of money period after my reading I still remember my dad but I was able to move on.  Denise is truly an angel.


– Kenneth Anderson
South Carolina