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Phone reading. $50 for 30 minutes.

First, phone readings are no different than being face-to-face with someone. I am able to channel energy and spirit from anywhere at any time. Clients find phone readings beneficial because they can receive spirit from the comfort of their home. There are actually less distractions and no outside influences during the reading. I can completely focus on spirit, which allows me to tune out any body language or emotion that I may see or feel when I am reading for someone in person.

A phone reading with me can be a very spiritually awakening experience for someone. During the phone reading, I am connecting with the spirit world. You will receive the messages that you need from your spirit guides. The messages that you need to hear will come from them through me. I have little control over what spirit is guiding me to convey to you, but the experience should leave you with meaningful information and a heightened sense of comfort knowing you have connected with spirit.

Group Readings. $20/person, maximum 10 people per group, 2 hours maximum.
(Group readings are available in the Columbia, South Carolina area only.)

Group readings are great for any occasion that bring a small group of people together, including celebrations. Everyone receives a short 10-minute reading in a private area of the home or business. Group readings are the same as a private phone reading, just given in a shorter period of time.

Home or Business Blessings and Clearing. $100/home or business.
(Blessings are available in the Colombia, South Carolina area only.)

Home or business blessings can happen at any time for any reason but are typically done when someone is moving into a new business facility or new home. By blessing your home or business, I move the energy around to bring both balance and harmony to your new place. In real estate, this can be particularly helpful when someone is having trouble selling a home. Sometimes cleansing the home can remove any negative energy by connecting to spirits that may be lingering in the house.

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